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The social investment project "Muslim"

The social investment project "Muslim" aims to create the conditions for the construction and purchase of affordable housing for 150,000 citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as support business projects with the creation of 15,000 additional jobs seats in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The Project " Muslim " will be able to provide 30-35 thousand families annually with individual apartments or house-cottages in 30 social towns in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic - 500 houses in each social city. The cost of apartments and houses is 35-40% cheaper than the average set price in Kyrgyzstan, and the installment payment is up to 25 years.


The term of the project: is from 2022 to 2030.

The total cost of the "Muslim" project realization for eight years is 1 billion 554 million U.S. dollars.

The volume of investments :1,147,000,000 U.S. dollars.

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