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IDFCA is an international public organization registered as a public foundation form, which operates by the laws of the participating countries, the legislation on public funds, the regulations of the participating countries, and Sharia standards..

The main objective of IDFCA is to work on developing the economies of Central Asian countries by actively contributing to improving the living standards of citizens by strengthening financial institutions based on Islamic principles.

The main activities of the foundation are:

  • Four key tasks
    •    Active search for organizations, enterprises, and projects in Central Asian countries that can make a meaningful contribution to the realization of the Fund's goals and need investments, plus search for the investing and provision of aggregate financial resources through various Shariah-compatible financial instruments;
    •    Organization of external experts and Shariah audits - both projects in need of investment and organizations and foundations providing investment;
    •    The organizational design and assistance in setting up business processes for the companies that have already received investment funds;
    •    Development of business infrastructure and financing system in compliance with Islamic principles are with subsequent legal and financial support for their entry into new markets.

Building a new world together!


Murad Sekakmia

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-13 at 10.59.54.jpeg

Kurush Jalilian

Vice President IDFCA

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-07 at 21.42.05 (2).jpeg

Dobrynin Valentin

Adviser to the President of IDFCA


Madina Chechenova

Director of Administration of IDFCA


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