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NOMAD Tourist-Health Complex

The investment project "NOMAD Tourist-Health Complex" is aimed at constructing, equipping, launching, and further functioning of tourist-health complex "Nomad," which consists of seven guest complexes around Lake Issyk-Kul. The total coverage of vacationers from Muslim countries - is more than 70,000 people annually.

Around Issyk-Kul Lake will be built seven complexes (according to the number of regions of Kyrgyzstan). The summer and winter houses-cottages will be constructed in each of seven guest complexes, and their treatment and prevention center (TPC) with a large set of functions and procedures will be created. In addition, winter houses-cottages (40 cottages in each of the seven locations) can be sold to other countries citizens for their year-round stay, recreation, and treatment.


The term of the "NOMAD" project –  from 2 to 6 years (depending on the chosen realization option). 
The cost of project realization – 37 540 020 $ . 
Total volume of investments – 35 000 000 $

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