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IDFCA is an international public organization registered as a public foundation form, which operates by the laws of the participating countries, the legislation on public funds, the regulations of the participating countries, and Sharia standards..

The main objective of IDFCA is to work on developing the economies of Central Asian countries by actively contributing to improving the living standards of citizens by strengthening financial institutions based on Islamic principles.

The main activities of the foundation are:

  • Four key tasks
    •    Active search for organizations, enterprises, and projects in Central Asian countries that can make a meaningful contribution to the realization of the Fund's goals and need investments, plus search for the investing and provision of aggregate financial resources through various Shariah-compatible financial instruments;
    •    Organization of external experts and Shariah audits - both projects in need of investment and organizations and foundations providing investment;
    •    The organizational design and assistance in setting up business processes for the companies that have already received investment funds;
    •    Development of business infrastructure and financing system in compliance with Islamic principles are with subsequent legal and financial support for their entry into new markets.

Building a new world together!


Rustam Yusupov,

President of

IDFCA Foundation


"IDFCA  - is a public foundation, so we are primarily focused on the needs and aspirations of society. Therefore, if there is only personal benefit with no social request in a project, we do not work with this or that project.


In today's world, there are different approaches and orientations in the arrangement of financial and economic formats in this or another country.
Someone focused on getting the maximum profits, and some on forming and further meeting the demand for their products. Some of them are goal-oriented toward maximizing benefits from lending interest, and some toward extracting income from the future results of one's labor. Finally, some prefer to live off debts (the so-called treasury economy, when the yield depends not on the produced manufacture but the rate and price of some securities, and their price is set by the same entity, living off debts)..


IIDFCA is fundamentally focused on actual processes and the real economy - both at the rank of Official Laws and the level of society. This orientation implies a setting toward original production and toward not allowing usury or speculation in anyone’s time or anyone’s future labor results..


We are not a financial or credit organization. Our purpose is not money and not profits. We solely attract funds from citizens and legal entities and invest them in projects that comply with the norms of Islamic law on a partnership basis. At the same time, people are grateful to us not only for interest-free loans and significant savings on their budgets but also for the human attitude to them, for the evident support. Sincere help is more valuable than capital!!

Trusting the community,we get fairness!

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