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Investment project “Sulaiman” Islamic town

Sulaiman Islamic town investment project aims to construct a residential complex of 100 modern four-story and 62 five-story houses with social infrastructure on IDFCA's construction and architectural project on 8 hectares plot in the Sharq administrative district of Kara-Suu district in Osh oblast.
Sulaiman town consists of 100 four-story buildings with 12 apartments in each and 62 five-story buildings with 20 apartments in each, as well as 13 social and cultural objects, namely a school (for 1000 pupils), three kindergartens (for 600 seats), two multi-purpose centers (pharmacy, bank, post office, office premises, etc.), trade and administrative center (TAC), four small shops, a clinic, and a mosque.

The Sulaiman town is designed for 2,440 apartments, i.e., about 10,000 inhabitants.

The construction period is from:  2022 to 2026..

The total cost of the project realization is:   $ 123,736,000.

The required volume of investments:  $120,000,000.

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