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The "Fresh Wind" investment project

The "Fresh Wind" investment project aims to construct and launch the first Kyrgyz Republic experimental wind power plant with a total capacity of 150 MW.

There are currently no wind power plants in Kyrgyzstan, although wind energy (ecologically clean renewable) has gained tremendous world importance today.
The current production and use of energy (based on coal, diesel, and other organic compounds) represent the world's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. 
However, since greenhouse gases are one of the factors leading to climate change, most countries worldwide are actively working towards a clean energy transition, changing their approach to energy production. And wind energy is one of the possible ways to tackle climate change on the planet.

The geography of the project realization: the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ton district of the Issyk-Kul oblast.

Project implementation period: 2022-2027.

The total cost of the project: is170 000 000 $.

The volume of investment: is120,000,000$.

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